Welcome to Brakula!

Welcome to Brakula!


Brakula is short for Bramfelder Kulturladen. We are a socio-cultural center in Bramfeld, a north-eastern district of the city of Hamburg. Over the last 30 years, Brakula has become known for its outstanding cultural and educational work in the neighbourhood.

Our cultural offerings include theatre plays, cinema, concerts, comedy and literary events for all ages. We feature professional artists and give young talent the opportunity to present their skills.

Furthermore, we offer people the opportunity to engage personally in cultural activities. We provide them with rooms for workshops, a stage and a networking café. In order to promote civic engagement, we continually give support to new initiatives and groups.



With the support of professional artists and in cooperation with local schools, our culture-lab develops projects specifically targeted to children and teenagers.



International collaboration
Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city with roughly 1.8 million inhabitants. It is a major port and was shaped by the international exchange of goods, ideas and people. Brakula fosters international collaboration in the field of arts and culture. Cross cultural exchanges have taken place with partner organizations in Czech Republic, Senegal and Burkina Faso.

Our philosophy is that cultural offerings should be available for everyone. We offer tickets for our events at low prices, some even for free. We are a non-profit-making organization and receive institutional support from the city of Hamburg. Many projects are additionally supported by foundations.